The Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centers

Francisco Martins

Francisco Martins is a project manager at CECE (Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centers). He is graduated in Economics at the UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), with a specialization in World Economic Development. During his academic career Francisco had an active participation in the student’s university department of Alternative Economy, collaborating in research studies, conferences and organizing exhibitions. He always had a passion for topics related with social issues, working as a volunteer for different NGO’s in Africa and Europe.
Now, he works in the European department of CECE developing projects of different topics such as social inclusion, non-formal and informal learning, innovative educational methodologies, and environmental education. During his work in CECE, he developed know-how in European Projects such as ERASMUS+, Strategic Alliances and Sector Alliances.


Tomás Serrano

Tomás Serrano is a project manager at CECE (Spanish Confederation of Teaching Centers). Graduated in Business Administration and Management at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), he has been constantly involved in educational and social initiatives, founded an NGO in Brussels in 2015, with the aim of fostering social connectors between Belgian society and refugees, trying to respond to the growing migration crisis. He presented at the Youth European Forum a series of activities focused on promoting social entrepreneurship. Before becoming part of the CECE team, he worked in Spain offering financial advice to different universities and educational centres.
Currently, he develops projects of social inclusion, entrepreneurship and educational innovation in CECE, generally within a European framework. With experience in European projects such as ERASMUS +, Strategic Alliances and Sector Alliances, he is a strong advocate of education by values and of the idea that the future of education goes through an increase in the educational development of social and transversal skills.




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