The Municipality of Pescara

Carla Di Persio Comune di Pescara

Carla Di Persio has been employed by the Municipality of Pescara since 1991. She currently works at the Community Politics Service. She is an accountant and took care of public accounting from 1991 to 2014, in particular:
1) Formal and substantive control of the documents, aimed at certifying the financial coverage of the expenditure.
2) The instruction of practices for financing public works also through the assumption of mortgages.
3) Monitoring of public works with regard to the recovery of active positions and the management of active and passive residues.

Amalia Di Prinzio Istituto Comprensivo 5

Amalia Di Prinzio has got a Master Degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature She is Specialized for the teaching of English Language and Culture at secondary school and qualified to teach Italian as Foreign Language.
She is Permanent Teacher at the Istituto Comprensivo 5 in Pescara for the subject: English Language and Culture at lower secondary school since 2011 with a long experience in teaching.
She is the Project Manager of Erasmus+ projects, coordinator of Erasmus Project Team KA1 “Towards Europe” and Contact Person for Erasmus KA2 EnvStories in collaboration with the Municipality of Pescara.
She coordinates the Foreign Languages Department of IC5 and she is responsible for Language Projects and extension of educational offer and foreign languages.
Amalia attended professional courses on English language teaching and Foreign languages methodologies, educational seminars and conferences.

Annalisa Pagliuca Istituto Comprensivo 9

Annalisa Pagliuca English teacher at IC9 , Virgilio Secondary School in Pescara from 2015. She is involved in this project because of her great interest in environmental problems that are presented and discussed every year with her students as aim of final English exams. In her school she is the coordinator of the Foreign Language School Group. She deals with the organization of all foreign language courses for young people and adults. She is also the contact person for educational trips planned during the year and for all the activities and projects that have links with external bodies.



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